Monday, April 16, 2012

Flower Clips

Hello Everyone

   Hope you all are doing great, me I'm abit under the weather, so for today I made a really simply craft. Flower clips, you can put them on headbands, lace headbands, rubber band, beanies, or just by themselves. Here is the pic of the flower clips by themselves:

   The materials I used are:
  •  Fake flowers
  •  Gems
  •  Clips
  •  Glue Gun
   Here is a pic of the materials, minus the glue gun:

   First I took apart the flowers. Shown here:

   I then glued each layer of flower together. Then I glued the gem to the center and last I glued the clip to the back. Here it the pic of the glued flowers and gem:

   One last little note: If you notice on the last pic, I did not use the back and the center of the original flower. I hope you liked my this post. I hope I feel better tomorrow so that I can make a better project. Hope you all have a great day and Happy Crafting!!

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