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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cell Phone Leash

Hello Everyone,

   Good morning, hope you all are having a great day so far. Mine is going good, but yesterday I finally got tired of misplacing my stylus for my Gypsy, so for today's craft I made a Cell Phone Leash to put on my stylus. Here are two pictures of the front and the back:

   Here are the materials I used:
  •  Potpourri Basket Cartridge
  •  Epiphany Crafts Square 25 Tool
  •  Epiphany Crafts Square 25 Double sided Charm
  •  Cell Phone Leash
  •  Assorted Beads I had on hand
  •  Eye Pins

   I cut the Cricut guy at .73'' and I don't remember how small I cut the Dream and the Dream Shadow, but I wanna saw .95''.  The next pictures are of the materials and the pieces before I put them all together. The other two pictures are close ups of the charm and beads.

   Now that I have this Cell Phone Leash on my Stylus, I hope I don't misplace it anymore, lol. Hope you have a wonderful day and Happy Crafting!!

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