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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Charm Braclet

Hello Everyone,
   Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today! So far my day is great! Today I have a simple jewelry craft!

   The things I used for this Charm Bracelet are: a Stainless Steel bracelet and beads from Wal-Mart, to make the picture charms I used my Epiphany Crafts Square 25 tool, along with the epoxy covers and two double sided charms. My daughters pictures are on one side and their names and birthdays are on the other.

  I am also, going to include a couple of pics on using the Epiphany Crafts Tools, so you can see how easy it is to use it. First you chose a picture or design you want and place it under the view finder. Then you place the Epoxy directly onto the image.

   This one is the new 2.0 model so I don't have to place the insert in, so with that said next you close the lid and press down firmly.

      After that you lift the lid, remove the extra paper, and remove your epoxy :) You can place it on a card, scrapbook page, or place it on a charm.

    It took me maybe 30 minutes to make this bracelet. Having my Epiphany Crafts Tools makes it so easy to make epoxies, and they have so many different shapes and sizes. The picture below is just a pic of all the stuff I used to make the charm bracelet. Hope you enjoyed it and you all have a great day! Happy crafting!!

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